Blue Jersey Radio: Jason’s last stand with guest Ed Potosnak

Ed Potosnak, Candidate for Congress in NJ-7
Ed Potosnak, Candidate for Congress, NJ-7

Each week, Blue Jersey Radio streams LIVE with New Jersey’s latest political buzz, interviews with newsmakers, and your stimulating calls.

This Week: It’s my last stand on Blue Jersey radio as I let everyone know earlier today that I’ll be moving on to the State Committee. But before I go, we’ll have one last excellent adventure with our sometimes co-host Adam Lambert and Jeff will also try to call in from his meeting to say hello.

Our guest will be Ed Potosnak, who is challenging Congressman Leonard Lance in the 7th District. We’ll get the low down on his campaign and his thoughts on the issues of the day. Adam and I will also recap the last week in NJ politics and I’m sure he will have something to say about my next step.

So, join us for New Jersey’s fastest half-hour of political talk. We’ll see if we can keep up with the change-by-the-minute pace of news coming from just about everywhere these days.

Join us tonight!

Something special on your mind? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and maybe we can have some fun with them on air. Or, feel free to give us a call tonight, and share what’s on your mind. Remember, it’s all LIVE, so don’t be afraid – join us!

That number again is: 646-652-2773.

Talk to you then!

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Comments (3)

  1. ken bank

    I would ask him if he plans to put on camouflage, get a rifle and go deer hunting in the deepest, darkest regions of Hunterdon County to prove, at least to some of the voters in that district, that he is a “real man”.  

  2. ken bank

    Check out this story on PolitickerNj.  It seems Lance’s idea of “working families and small business” are people making more than 250K.  He probably thinks that just because everyone at his Country Club makes more than 250K he assumes everyone else does.  I hope Ed Potosnak gets the opportunity to ask the “Country Club Congressman” if he knows any hot dog vendors or bagel shop owners making that kind of money.

    I think Len Lance is channeling Marie Antoinette; “Let them eat tax cuts.”  

  3. Jeff Gardner

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to call in for your last show Jason – you will be sorely missed. (Good think we have an archive of shows to remind everyone of your awesomeness!)



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