Asbury Park Press destroys Runyan after 1st press conference of the General

Reading the Asbury Park Press Editorial which took a look at Jon Runyan’s 1st press confefence of the general election, I kept thinking it could be something written by us here at Blue Jersey. First they began:

…novice politician Jon Runyan revealed that while he may not have a knack for macroeconomics, he has a great feel for pandering to potential voters.

A great feel for pandering, ok. But they took a look at some of his actual proposals too:

In unveiling the “Runyan 8-point Plan to Lower Taxes, Improve the Economy & Create Jobs,” he revealed an appalling lack of understanding about how to do any of those things. His ideas about Social Security, in particular, were stunningly naive.

Stunningly naive and a great feel for pandering. Things are not going well for the S.S. Runyan on its maiden press conference voyage. Here’s how the APP summed things up:

He apparently made all these promises with a straight face. And no answer to how the federal government, facing record and growing deficits, would compensate for the untold billions in lost revenue.

There is some truth to the maxim that anything that can be put in a nutshell probably belongs there – bullet-pointed 8-point plans among them.

I couldn’t even read the editorial with a straight face, so I have no idea how he was able to get through this nonsense without cracking. In conclusion, the APP believes that Jon Runyan is a novice, pandering and stunningly naive with no answers. If things continue to go like this, the best thing to happen to John Adler could be Jon Runyan running against him on the ballot.

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  1. deciminyan

    The APP said it a lot better than I did.

  2. Jay Lassiter

    ….but at least he can lift heavy objects.

  3. ken bank

    The best example of an empty suit (or uniform).

    I’m not surprised at this.  When Runyan was on Comcast sports as a regular guest he never said anything substantive.  But he knew how to schmooze reporters with his trademark wink and a smile.  In fact, I used to switch to another channel whenever he came on.  The irony is that some of his teammates like Ike Reese, Hugh Douglas and Jeremiah Trotter were much more cerebral and analytical about the game and the team.  But then, that’s why they’re successful talk show hosts.

    I just wish someone would locate that goofy commercial Runyan did some years back for a local car dealer where he’s laying on a sofa with a crown on his head, a glass of wine in his hand, and that stupid grin telling viewers they are treated like “kings” at the sponsor’s dealership.


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