A New Jerseyan’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

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“A sweet-face man, a proper man, as one shall see in a summer’s day.” I dreamt of him this midsummer Jersey night and of the many wondrous promises he had made to our state.

Ah, I worried, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” But remembering the treasures he assured us, I boasted, “My heart is true as steel.”

Thus I determined, “I must go go seek some dewdrops here and hang a pearl in every cowslip’s ear.” Alas, I found no dewdrops nor the cowslips, and I was shocked.

Indeed, I thought I heard him mutter, “Lord what fools these mortals be.”

Partly awakened, I exclaimed, “What visions have I seen! Methought I was enamored of an ass.” All was not as promised, nor was the man as proper as I had thought.

Sadly I realized, “Quick bright things come to confusion.” My dream had turned into a nightmare.

(Thanks to the Bard)  

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