The lead paragraph in today’s NYT article about the Christie budget says there are “major cuts to schools, municipalities, mass transit and other areas – a milestone in his drive to tame what he calls an out-of-control government.”

How the hell did basic services like schools, municipalities, and mass transit become “out of control”?  What is government for, if not to improve our collective lives?

While Christie is the instigator of the destruction of essential state services, the Democrats share the blame for allowing this to happen.  Checks and balances?  Have they become obsolete?



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  1. IndependentNJ

    school costs are out of control, but that’s only because of the high administrative costs and general culture of corruption. Countywide school districts should be a remedy for this.

    And mass transit isn’t bloated. Hell, I think we need more of it.

    And municipalities, well we need consolidation or disincorporation


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