Weekend News Roundup for June 26-27, 2010

Brush Fire burning

  • A Brush fire in Ocean County has already burned over 600 acres. Firefighters are trying to contain it to 1000 acres.

    Outsourcing summer school and billing the students

  • There’s nothing free about failure as more cash-strapped North Jersey districts outsource summer school – replacing free programs with those that will charge anywhere from $330 and $450 for each remedial class.

    Counting the budget votes

  • Even though they need all the votes, GOP Assemblyman Michael Carroll is still a no and tells us why.
  • Senator Diane Allen will be there to vote, but isn’t sure about the supplemental bills and whether she can support them.
  • Assemblywoman Spencer says the lack family planning funding is her breaking point.

    Both Tax cap plans flawed

  • That’s the analysis in this Asbury Park Press Editorial.

    Beach Replenishment

  • A lack of competition for bids is driving up costs for beach replenishment.

    Paid family leave a success

  • Thursday marks the 1 year anniversary of the paid family leave law and the dire doomsday scenarios from opponents have not come true.

    Time for an upgrade

  • As New Jersey officials collect records on a massive scale and move to make government data available online, some of the state’s departments must cope with computer systems that are more than 30 years old, and some still keep portions of their records on paper.

    Up to 25 more Superfund sites

  • N.J. will add up to 25 more ‘Superfund’ sites in the next 5 years as competition for federal funds increases

    Shopping for cheaper power

  • NJ Spotlight has a story about how for the first time in several years, consumers have the option to shop around and find a supplier who will sell them electricity at a cheaper price than their electric utility.

    Roads falling apart

  • With the transportation fund broke, our roads are falling apart including a 3 foot sinkhole on the NJ turnpike that backed traffic up for 11 miles.

    Ship Bottom Police keep a secret

  • How did it take 10 days to learn that a Ship Bottom committeeman was arrested for a DUI?

    Varied Reactions to the guilty plea

  • Bayonne elected officials had varied reactions to Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone’s guilty plea. In pleading guilty to the third-degree charge of tampering with public records, Chiappone, a Democrat, must forfeit his Assembly seat and will be barred from holding future public office.

    Hands across NJ Beaches

  • Thousands of people met on the shores of 34 New Jersey beaches and rivers to protest off-shore drilling and promote clean energy.

    Cancer Free

  • Senator Lautenberg announced the great news at Garden State Equality Legend’s dinner last night.
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