Timely v. Immediate: What a difference a Governor Makes

Tom Kean Jr. was a frequent critic of the Corzine administration, particularly on the issue of transparency. But he seems to have taken a healthy dose of patience now that his man is in the Governor’s office. Let’s hop in the way back machine:

Consider 2008, when then-Gov. Jon Corzine created a nonprofit organization to promote his signature plan to pay down state debt through higher tolls. Kean (R-Union), the Senate minority leader, urged the Democratic governor to “immediately” disclose information about donors to “Save Our State NJ Inc.,” saying it should be made public before the Legislature voted on Corzine’s plan.

Corzine’s effort never got off the ground, but they still disclosed who supported the effort. Now back to today:

So The Auditor wondered how Republican Kean felt about “Reform Jersey Now,” the nonprofit launched last week by leading Republicans and allies of GOP Gov. Chris Christie to support Christie’s agenda. It is structured exactly the same as the group that pitched Corzine’s plan.

“The leaders of Reform Jersey Now should voluntarily follow Gov. Christie’s continued commitment to a more transparent Trenton in a timely manner,” Kean said. But he declined to say exactly how “timely” it should be.

Hopeful wrote about the Governor’s new pay to play organization last week. I’m guessing a timely manner means no time soon, I’m sure it’s longer than immediate. Clearly contributions to support Governor Christie aren’t as important as those to Corzine. Way to be consistent Junior.  

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  1. The Wizard

    hasn’t had an original idea since winning a Senate seat because voters thought they were voting for his father. The word dweeb comes to mind.

    When it comes to the real world, Tommy Boy Junior Kean needs to hit the streets and educate himself.

    His convenient/selective memory regarding gubernatorial transparency brings to the fore his inability to recall facts.  


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