The Bully vs. The Wimp

It looks like the 2012 Presidential election may be the tale of the bully vs. the wimp.  While we are all generally happy that Barack Obama is in the White House, we are also disappointed with his reticence to enact a progressive agenda.  In prior posts, the president has been characterized as a moderate Republican and even as Wimp-in-Chief.

Now there’s talk about Chris Christie running for president.  If he can convince the electorate that he balanced the state budget, he will be held in high esteem by some – even though balancing the state budget is totally different than balancing a federal budget.

This would set up the bully vs. wimp battle for the presidency. Unlike many of the other Republican contenders, Christie does not seem to be a lunatic, and if he kowtows to the Tea Party leadership of the GOP, he has a decent chance for the nomination.  So look for the governor to go on a strict diet and start a series of overseas trips to establish his foreign policy creds.  If those happen, it should be an interesting race in 2012, especially here in New Jersey.

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