TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, June 25, 2010

About 65,000 South Jersey customers lost power yesterday in heavy thunderstorms. Not a good time to lose air conditioning. Stay cool, SJ.

Christie: He’s not just a bully but a chauvinistic liar

  • Christie throws women under the bus on 101.5.
  • Listen and watch your Governor on women’s health care … and NJ GOP State Chair Assemblyman Jay Webber’s helpful tips for when you want to have sex, and Orwellian charge that family planning advocates are trying to stop poor women from having babies. [NJN Video]

    Let’s just not call it a tax. Maybe nobody will notice.

  • Dems call Republicans out on their bullshit in a tense session in the Assembly.


  • Assembly budget committee narrowly approves $29.4B budget. Full Assembly vote Monday.
  • Kean & Democrats help drive budget supplemental bills out of committee.
  • Sweeney: no deal made to seat Kean.

    Really !?! with Seth and Amy

  • People fired for gross misconduct will not be eligible for unemployment benefits under a conditional veto issued today by Gov. Christie. And what constitutes “misconduct”? There’s a range – criminal behavior to … chronic lateness. So you tell me: What incentive does an employer have to not lie that an employee is late too often?

    Now what … for Joe Ferriero? For Sharpe James?

  • Fresh hope for two NJ pols in hot water?

    July 7th hearing

  • Rutgers University and its employee unions are headed to Trenton for a showdown over the school’s decision to freeze all employees’ salaries to help close its budget gap.


  • Christie gives away free sausage, but leaves local governments the job of making it.
  • Sweeney’s proposal to limit property tax increases to 2.9% passed out of the Senate Budget Committee in a party line vote and now will be voted on by the full Senate, probably Monday.
  • Lou Greenwald, who chairs the Assembly budget committee, weighs in on hard v. soft caps and how low the cap should be.

    Breaking up is hard to do

  • Final vote on Teterboro’s breakup could come as soon as Monday .
  • Charlie Stile, backstage at the breakup.

    This is an Open Thread. What’s on your mind today, Blue Jersey?

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    1. William Weber (WjcW)

      that the employee does to tell the truth.

    2. Carl Bergmanson

      Assemblyman Bob Gordon (DB-Fair Lawn)

      “They (residents of Teterboro – the town he’s trying to loot) will have the opportunity to express their views after this bill has passed,”


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