Sweeney Saves Unemployment Benefits

In another move establishing his leadership ability to get things done instead of just ” Bookerizing” a problem, State Senate President Sweeney has come to an agreement with the Governor to maintain the current level of unemployment benefits.

This is great news for the unfortunate many who need those unemployment benefit checks during these difficult times.  

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    …Steve Sweeney could help matters along by giving up one of his multiple taxpayer as per his promise…. that is if “leadership” includes telling the truth.

    Leadership does entail honesty, doesn’t it Steve?

  2. Bertin Lefkovic

    I just found this on PolitickerNJ.com.

    Is Sweeney working to get this passed in the Senate as well?  Does this bill continue Christie’s prohibition against the admission of unemployed parents into the NJFC program or does it end it?


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