FACT CHECK: Christie’s “Shared Sacrifice”

Taking a look at how the Governor signed an unbalanced budget yesterday, the Star Ledger had this note which makes clear what Chris Christie’s idea of shared sacrifice is:

Here are the facts: The 16,000 families in New Jersey earning more than $1 millon will get an average tax break of $40,000 apiece under this budget. At the same time, a single mom working for minimum wage will pay $300 more in state taxes.

Christie keeps saying he tried to spread the pain evenly, but it’s clear from the numbers that this is more than a problem with math. His idea of shared sacrifice is everyone sacrificing to share their tax money with the rich

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  1. speedkillsu

    not  make the tax hike permanate ? So why did the Democrats legeslature not pass the M tax in lame duck ? As for the 40K tax break on millionares did that very same group get that break in the first 3 years of Corzine administration ?  


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