Ed Potosnak invites Leonard Lance on a grass roots tour of NJ-7

We’re usually not inclined to print whole statements. But there are exceptions. This Open Letter to the NJ-7 GOP incumbent – who just survived not one or two, but three, challenges from his own Republican Party –  is a fresh challenge and an interesting idea.

Ed Potosnak for Congress

PO Box 984

Scotch Plains

June 8th 2010

Dear Congressman Lance,

Congratulations on your primary election success. Now that you are the Republican Party nominee for Congress in New Jersey’s seventh district, I invite you to campaign with me across the district in order to present ourselves – side by side – to the voters.

If your primary contest taught us anything, it is that voters are sick of the old fashioned, scripted style of politics where attacks and negative campaigning drown out a real debate about the future of our country that the voters deserve. New Jersey residents are sick of partisan rhetoric and partisan ideas. . We need a different tone in how we campaign and a different attitude in how we govern. I believe that changing things for the better starts with how we ask for people’s votes

And so, I am inviting you to join me in stops around the district – at house parties, on doorsteps, at community centers. We’ll meet voters together; tell them where we stand, what we’ll do and how we differ. If we are talking to voters directly, there will be less of the failed partisan rhetoric and more real answers. The people we wish to serve deserve nothing less.

This is a critical time for our country. Taxes are high, too many of our friends and neighbors are out of work or just barely getting by, folks are worried about their healthcare and our economy has been devastated by the greed of big bank and Wall Street CEOs. There’s a job to get done providing tax cuts to the middle class, getting people back to work, providing help to our small businesses, creating incentives for innovation to ensure a strong economy in the future and taking back Main Street from Wall Street.

Potasnak’s message, and reasons for the invitation, after the jump.

There’s a job to get done and voters are expecting us to just do it. I want to set a new tone in this campaign. I know it’s unconventional to campaign with your opponent instead of against him and I am willing to work with you on coordinating our schedules. So let’s cut out the politics-as-usual and campaign side by side and let voters decide for themselves – without the filters of ‘gotcha’ politics – who they want working for them and who they believe will get the job done.

I am hopeful that you will accept my invitation for a grass roots tour of the district where we can change the tone in this campaign. Please have someone from your campaign call Brendan Kelly from my office at (908) 691-4770 to begin working on our schedules.


Ed Potosnak, Candidate for Congress NJ-7

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