Coming in 10 days: DFA Campaign Training deep in Christie Territory – BOOYA

Jeff Gardner

Jeff Gardner is the new Democratic Municipal Chair in his hometown of Hawthorne, winning Monday over long-time Chair Sen. John Girgenti. How did that happen? It happened because Jeff & his team – key players from Passaic DFA and DFA-supported candidates – reached out to voters with better ideas and stronger progressive platform. And they won. Jeff is a graduate of Democracy for America (DFA) Campaign Training.

RSVP/Info/Agenda for the big DFA Campaign Training, weekend of June 26-27.

Ed Zipprich & Juanita Lewis 2
Ed & Juanita

Ed Zipprich is the new Democratic Municipal Chair in his hometown of Red Bank. How? Ed’s been a valuable asset to every progressive step forward in Monmouth County for years. And when it was time for the long-time Muni Chair to step down, he wanted to hand that job … right to Ed. Ed’s a graduate of DFA Campaign Training.

Victory Party 2008-11-04
Chris & Jack & team

Chris Leitner & Jack McHugh won an election nobody expected them to win, the first straight-up Dems elected in Point Pleasant Boro in 30 years, restarting a defunct Democratic Club with Chris as Municipal Chair. How? Chris & Jack are graduates of DFA Campaign Training.

People, this is the new age of Gov. Chris Christie. Uphill battles. Deeply screwed-up priorities, sometimes in both parties. So DFA Campaign Training – intensive, fun-filled progressive action boot camp – is going where Christie slammed it: Ocean County. Are you running for office? Thinking about it? New, or just defeated county committee member? Working an important issue? Come train with the best allies you’ll ever meet. Seriously, you’ll grow muscle you never knew you had in you. I’m just sayin.

RSVP/Info/Agenda for the big DFA Campaign Training, weekend of June 26-27.

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  1. tabbycat31

    one of my friends really wants to go to the training but can only make it for one of the two days.  Is that still okay?

    What would that do for the rates?  (He’s a student and would qualify for the student rate)

  2. ken bank

    check out this story about Ocean County Clerk Carl Block resigning his $115,000 job as County Clerk to take a $149,000 job as County Administrator.  Christie has to appoint an interim County Clerk until a special election this November.

    Block was upset last year as mayor of Stafford by a coalition of Democrats and reform Republicans fed up with Ocean County GOP boss George Gilmore’s political machine, which also gave us Daniel Van Pelt.  Gilmore’s infectious corruption also rubbed off on disgraced Democrats like former OC Chair Al Santoro.

    How convenient they waited a week after the primary when they were opposed by the same reform group of candidates who defeated Block last year.  But then nothing surprises me when it comes to the most corrupt county political machine south of the Raritan River.

    This does present a significant opportunity for Ocean County Democrats to get their act together, form a coalition with the reform Republicans like they did in Stafford, and defeat the GOP machine candidates this November.

  3. Jeff Gardner

    Sunday morning should be interesting – a fun twist.


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