Christie: He’s not just a bully but a chauvinistic liar

I promised myself that I would refrain from writing Christie-bashing posts, and was able to write a number of posts that were more constructive than destructive.  But once again, Christie’s pigheadedness and arrogance shone through at the expense of women’s rights.  Just like in the campaign, when “mammography-gate” exposed him for the callous arrogant prick that he is.

And once again, Christie has thrown women under the bus in order to keep his super rich friends happy:

A group of female legislators continues to push to have 7 and a half million dollars added to the state budget for family planning – but Governor Christie insists it won’t happen.

During an appearance on Millennium Radio’s Ask the Governor program, Christie said “I just don’t believe it’s an appropriate expenditure of money, in the context of all the other difficult decisions that we need to make…I believe that women have the opportunity to access healthcare all across New Jersey, through a number of different programs. This is merely one of them, and no woman is not going to get healthcare because of this.”

When pressed on why he feels so strongly about the issue, the Governor replied ” I don’t believe that this is a priority in a budget where you have to cut 11 billion dollars…that’s my opinion – and it’s the opinion obviously of the majority of the people who deliberated on this, or it would have changed.”

No woman is not going to get healthcare because of this?  Maybe not, but certainly it will be a lot more costly and difficult to get proper healthcare because of this.  I’d be willing to bet that he’d be just A-ok with coverage for “Viagra on demand”, but I digress.

Fact is, not just is this arrogant and shows a lack of basic empathy for women (not to mention an understanding of what happens when a woman gets pregnant from a rape or from being molested by a family member), but he falsely moves the bar in his claim of this being a popular decision.  “The opinion obviously of the majority of the people who deliberated on this” is, quite frankly, irrelevant and a false choice.  For starters, this budget is far from something that will be passed – there is very little Democratic support for this budget, and Christie is strongarming Republicans to vote for his tax increases.  Additionally, this has been an issue for months now – even going back to the campaign, so this was on Christie’s chopping block for a while now.

Adding in NJ being a pretty progressive state, a popular progressive issue like women’s rights and a Governor elected with less than 50% of the vote, this is far from something that the majority agrees with Christie on.  Compounding the heaping pile of crap is this narrowing of the “population that matters” to those who were conferees on a budget compromise that will be unpopular to Democrats and conservatives alike.

But nobody would have thought that Christie would actually Govern like an arrogant asshole – after all, it isn’t like he ever acted this way as US Attorney or during the campaign.  And now the Democratic majority in the Legislature has put most New Jerseyans, state Democrats and themselves in a horrible position – them politically and the rest of us in countless other ways.

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  1. Bill Orr

    The Governor says, “No woman is not going to get healthcare because of this.” The Governor is misinformed. I know many women in Newark who are not going to get healthcare because of this. Why? Because of the low cost, convenience and breadth of services that this cut will deny to women. As an example, let me use the Ironbound Planned Parenthood Clinic.

    Low Cost: At this clinic, because of the State grant, people who are uninsured may qualify for the state-funded program or a lower fee scale. Many people in Newark who use this service do not have insurance and can not afford the higher costs elsewhere.

    Convenience: This clinic serves the eastern portion of Newark, a predominately Spanish and Portuguese-speaking population, and like its counterparts elsewhere it is convenient and accessible.  Because of its convenience and the trilingual nature of its staff, women are more likely to seek out medical counseling, preventive and treatment services. Many women who come here do not have the time or transportation funds to travel to a further location nor the comfort necessary to seek services from staff who do not speak their language.

    Breadth of services: The clinic provides:  Abortion Referral, Birth Control Services, Emergency Contraception, General Health Care, HIV Testing, HPV & Hepatitis Vaccines, LGBT Services, Family Planning, Patient Education, Pregnancy Testing, STD Testing & Treatment, and Women’s Health Services. The one-stop nature of a broad-based clinic makes obtaining healthcare easier as the women have less need to go to different locations for several services.  By providing this breadth, it is more likely that a woman who attends the clinic for a specific service might avail herself of another useful service simply because it’s available there. She might go to the clinic, for example, for birth control services, but realizing she is at risk for HIV, HPV, or Hepatitis, take advantage of a testing or vaccine service.

    In Newark and elsewhere the governor’s shortsighted $7.5 million budget cut will reduce the ability and likelihood of women receiving proper health care.  The governor is misinformed.

  2. Jersey Shore John

    Is Chris Christie the Best Governor in America-or the Worst?


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