An activist court only when they disagree the with rulings

There was no uproar and cry about the activist courts yesterday as an appellate court ruled in favor of the Governor saying he was within his authority when he ordered school districts to spend millions of dollars in surplus money this year, to make up for cuts in state aid. Instead, we got this prepared statement from the Governor praising the decision:

Christie’s press secretary Michael Drewniak said in a prepared statement, the governor was pleased that the court “recognized his significant responsibilities and executive authority during a fiscal and financial crisis.”

“We know using surplus balances was a difficult step for school districts, but it was an urgent and necessary step,” the statement said.

And Assemblyman DeCroce also neglected to slam the activist courts on this one as the Republicans have been known to do regularly:

“I am pleased that the court affirmed Governor Christie’s executive order and recognized this action was an appropriate step in order to deal with the fiscal crisis he inherited when he took office.  New Jersey is dealing with unprecedented financial challenges and bold decisions need to be made in order to get us through these difficult times.  

“Those who refuse to acknowledge our fiscal problems need to face reality and understand they, too, must be part of the solution.  The court’s ruling confirms that accessing a school district’s surplus fund is not only within the governor’s constitutional authority, but is a logical approach in attacking the budget shortfall.”

You see, it’s only an activist court when they disagree with the decisions that are being made. When the court rules in their favor, it’s all good.

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