Americans have more opportunities to vote… but we’re oblivious to it

Did you know we have a primary tomorrow? If so, you’re a part of 14% of the people who know they have the chance to vote tomorrow:

New Jersey voters are barely aware that they have chance to vote the bums out-or in again, as they wish-on a balmy Tuesday in June, according to the most recent poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind™. In that survey, fourteen percent correctly noted that the next time the public would have an opportunity to vote would be the state’s June primary election.

Most voters (48%) thought the next time would be in November. A few (4%) figured they’d have to wait until the 2012 presidential election. Many said they just didn’t know (30%).

Republicans are more aware of the chance to vote tomorrow with 20% of them knowing the next opportunity, compared to just 13% of Democrats and 6% of independents:

“Americans have more opportunities to vote than any other people in the world,” said Peter Woolley, a political scientist and director of the poll. “But we’re oblivious to it.”

In low turnout elections, it comes down to the campaigns that are able to motivate people to the polls. You wonder if any of the estbalishment challengers will be taken by surprise from the enthusiasm behind some of the tea party candidates. It’s becoming increasingly clear that not being as crazy as the tea party activists is not a good enough message for Democratic candidates to use to get their people to the polls

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  1. Hopeful

    The “public” doesn’t have a chance to vote on officeholders, only party members do, so I think November is correct.  

  2. jdm28
  3. tabbycat31

    I was registering voters yesterday at Pride and reminded several people to vote in the primary (not our new voters though cause it’s too late).

    I think it’s crazy that I will be voting 4 times this year (school, municipal, primary, general) but I don’t like to sit anything out.  All of our candidates with the exception of Frank Pallone (with a tea party challenger in the Democratic primary) are running unopposed.

  4. NNadir


    I don’t agree with everything he says and does, and have asked some tough questions at his town hall meetings, but I respect his integrity enormously.

    The best Congressman I’ve ever had.  

    Of course, I also once had one of the worst Congress persons ever:  I once lived in Duke Cunningham’s district, but that’s not a reflection on Dr. Holt.

    Holt is a very fine man.   Even though the primary doesn’t count for much, I’m still turning out for him.

    I have never missed an election in my life unless I was unexpectedly hospitalized.

  5. ken bank

    What’s really scary about the 14% number is that many if not most of them are TNuts who obsess about beating RINOs in primaries.

    A higher turnout will likely favor the mainstream candidates.  A lower turnout favors the TNuts who will walk over broken glass to get to the polls so they can “stick it” to the RINO party bosses and those incumbents like Len Lance who have the chutzpah to vote against the TNuts even if its only one time.


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