Adler and Sires sell us out on net neutrality

Here’s Net Neutrality position John Adler ran on — and is still running on:

Net Neutrality

Currently, most residents in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional district have access to only one or two Internet Broadband Providers. This relative lack of choice raises the possibility that Broadband Providers can slap a toll on content (what gets sent on the Net) and service (how fast.) This would lead to a multi-tiered Network where some Websites enjoy premium access speeds to their customers. Websites that are unwilling or unable to pay the toll would be relegated to the proverbial “slow lane.”

John Adler believes that this inequitable arrangement would threaten the dynamism on the Internet. John strongly supports Network Neutrality and the innovation and openness that stem from it. In fact, a primary reason the Internet and the World Wide Web have proven so dynamic is the inherent openness and egalitarianism of the Network.

John Adler believes that only by preserving Network Neutrality; ensuring a diversity of media ownership; and bridging the Digital Divide will the Internet thrive as a hub of innovation and free speech in NJ-3 and beyond.

Too bad that’s just an election position. John Adler recently signed an industry-backed letter that takes the opposite side, and seeks to block the FCC’s attempt to implement (I would say restore) net neutrality. He’s one of 74 House Democrats to do so. You can read about the FCC approach here :

…the key part is that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s staff has been briefing FCC commissioners on changes that will be made to the regulation of Internet lines. The companies in charge of such lines, such as phone and cable companies, have been arguing that new regulations would hurt their businesses. They fear that they may have to open these lines to competitors (God forbid!) or be forced to have rate limits (the horror!). According to the WSJ report, the FCC officials are saying that won’t be the case, and instead will mainly be concerned with ensuring net neutrality.

Albio Sires was the only other New Jersey Democrat to sign on to the letter, which is a pretty good hint how bad it is. It’s not difficult to guess that they are motivated by money.

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  1. deciminyan

    So Adler sold us out again?  Not surprising.  I had also written to him on net neutrality and got back a weasel-worded form letter.  But Runyan would be no better.  We need to start cultivating a real Democrat to run in the district in 2012.

    (My apologies to any weasels who I may have insulted.)

  2. DemocratDiaz

    I can’t stand Albio, if I had the money I would for his seat, just to keep him on his toes. He’s ridiculous!


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