13.8% of New Jerseyans had no health insurance for at least part of 2009

I’m a big fan of NJ Spotlight and their stat of the day.  Usually they are able to find some number that I’ve never seen before and yesterday, they took a look at healthcare and who hasn’t had it in the past year:

A recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 13.8 percent of New Jerseyans under the age of 65 had no health insurance for at least part of 2009. Of those that were insured, 72.4 percent had private insurance, while 14.9 percent were covered by a public health plan such as Medicaid or the military.

Their statistic notes that it’s actually good news because NJ is among the highest in terms of citizens covered by health insurance:

Nationally, 17.5 percent of persons under the age of 65 lacked health insurance.

And all the people who are covered by insurance are absorbing the cost of those without it in their own coverage. Nope, no need to have that healthcare reform. Meanwhile, the Governor still won’t say if he is going to join a lawsuit to repeal that new healthcare law.  

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