Watch Live: Will NJ host the Superbowl?

Updated by Jason Springer: And NJ gets the Superbowl in 2014.  Here’s Chuck Todd’s tweet after the announcement:

So New Jersey gets a Super Bowl. Let’s agree, this is NOT New York’s Super Bowl but New Jersey’s, right? #letItSnowless than a minute ago via web

The NFL will announce the host of the 2014 Super Bowl this afternoon and here is the headline to the latest blog post at

New York/New Jersey Super Bowl is virtual slam dunk

Even if you’re not a football fan, the Super Bowl would be a large economic generator for the region as a whole with air travel, food, lodging, parties and more. You can watch the NFL announcement live:

I personally like the idea of a Super Bowl being played in the possible elements of a northeast winter. You can watch the NY/NJ NJ/NY presentation here. And in case Senator Lesniak is able to legalize gambling by 2014, who wants to set the over under on how long it takes to become just the NY Superbowl?  

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  1. deciminyan

    Will Governor Booker be doing the coin toss?

  2. Jason Springer (Post author)

    BREAKING: New York Giants/Jets stadium awarded the 2014 Super Bowlless than a minute ago via web


  3. SmartyJones

    Someone just told me Christie took credit for NJ winning the Superbowl.

    But I can’t verify it.


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