Watch Assemblyman DiCicco Lie to Seniors

Maybe Assemblyman DiCicco as a new legislator isn’t familiar with how the idea of video works. See if you say something that they record on video and then do the opposite, that video will make its way out to the public for further questions. Check out this exchange from a May 5th town hall with Seniors in Gloucester Township and pay attention to how the Assemblyman answers the question he gets:

So he says he disagrees with the Governor, attacks the proposals and says that’s not how he was raised. But then Democrats gave DiCicco the opportunity to restore the property tax rebates for seniors by extending the millionaires tax. Instead of living up to his word by restoring the rebates, he turned around and voted against it with his felllow Republicans. District members Senator Madden and Assemblyman Moriarty didn’t let DiCiccio’s tall tale to seniors pass without offering this comment:

Said Moriarty, “He sold out to the governor and the super-wealthy and stuck everyone else with the bill.”

Madden continued: “I am well aware that facts at times can come forth that would change a legislator’s position. I firmly believe that based on the Assemblyman’s sudden reversal on this major legislation, 12,000 plus seniors and disabled residents of the 4th District deserve to know why he withdrew his support for their most needed cause – the restoration of the rebates.”

The most amazing part of the video is just how far apart DiCicco’s statements and actions are. He attacks the proposed cuts as “going after Seniors” and expresses personal outrage by claiming he “wasn’t raised that way” only to later on vote in support of the cuts he just finished slamming.  

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