Virginia Offshore Oil Lease Sale Suspended

Today, the Obama Administration suspended the plans to drill off Virginia.

…the Interior Department has indefinitely suspended plans for an oil and gas lease sale off the Virginia coastline…

“The Department of the Interior is temporarily postponing public meetings on potential offshore activities so that information from the ongoing review of OCS safety issues that the president has directed can be appropriately considered in those meetings,” Interior spokeswoman Julie Rodriguez said.

There are good discussion at Blue Virginia and Environment Virginia. Longtime Blue Jersey readers may remember discussions of this issue by our Congressmen and us in 2006, 2008, and even 2010 before the latest Gulf spill.  Senator Menendez praised today’s action and says he would like to make the suspension permanent:

“The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, like the disaster last year in Australia, has opened a lot of eyes to the fact that there is no such thing as a ‘Too Safe to Spill’ oil rig. I am certainly glad that the administration acknowledges this and has pressed the Pause button. I hope that we can soon press the Stop button. I have made it clear that I will not support any legislation that does not include significant safeguards for the Jersey Shore, and that stands. We need to transition from 19th Century fuels sources to a 21st Century green economy that creates jobs, and this understanding should be reflected in climate change legislation.”

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  1. Hopeful (Post author)

       “It’s unfortunate that it took the terrible tragedy in the Gulf to change the course of plans to add more oil drills in more locations, but this is a welcome move that provides the opportunity to work to end offshore drilling.

       “Today’s action gives everyone the chance to reconsider all plans for new drilling in the context of the Gulf Coast disaster. We should apply the same policy on a permanent basis in all U.S. waters. What’s good off the coast of Virginia is  good for all coastal states.  

       “The economic and environmental damage in the Gulf is becoming worse by the day and nobody knows how bad it will be or how long the aftereffects will last. That is why I will introduce the ‘No New Drilling’ bill to ban all new drilling in all coastal waters…

  2. Thurman Hart

    we should ban skyscrapers because the Twin Towers were attacked.

    We have to understand that this does not stop the environmental destruction associated with oil production. It just pushes it into less developed areas where environmental concerns are more easily swept under the rug.

  3. Winston Smith

    no cuts funds for gym for kids, but can find money for thisi?

    Senator Buono expresses frustration towards NJSEA at budget meeting


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