Thanks for trying, Senator Menendez

There’s a story at Huffington Post that tells the story of a potentially unsafe oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico:

The MMS inspection was at the behest of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) a fierce critic of offshore drilling. The New Jersey Democrat sent a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in late November following the Seadrill spill in Australia, requesting that the department look into the company’s operations in the Gulf. Salazar initially had pledged to “have a report by the end of February 2010.” But it never came, prompting Menendez to request information from the department once more, this time just days before the rig leased by BP exploded.

“There was a similar massive oil spill along the coast of Australia just last year that should have been a wake-up call,” Menendez said in a statement to the Huffington Post before the MMS report was released. “Now that the [BP] disaster is threatening our own communities and local economies, I think people understand that a ‘Too Safe to Fail’ rig doesn’t exist. I hope this will spur an investigation of SeaDrill, Transocean and other rig operators soon.”

Thanks for trying, Senator.

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  1. Thurman Hart

    I grew up around the oil fields and still have family members employed there, including some on offshore rigs. I’ve never heard anyone refer to anything as “Too Safe to Fail.” The first things put into place when a rig goes up are emergency escape devices. This just happened too quickly to get to them.

    As far as I know, Seadrill doesn’t operate any rigs in the Gulf. At any rate, it had nothing to do with the rig that blewout, so the investigation into Seadrill would have done nothing.

    But widespread inspections are a must. There are more ways to die out there than can be counted in one sitting (or even a dozen).


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