Surprise! Surprise! We have Paultards right here in River City!

Actually no surprise really as two-time GOP US Senate candidate and Libertarian candidate for Governor Murray Sabrin sticks up for Rand Paul.  In fact “Maverick Murray”, our very own homegrown version of Rand Paul, was endorsed by Paul’s father, Congressman Ron Paul, who attended a fundraiser in New Brunswick for Murray’s 2008 campaign for US Senate (evidently few people showed up given the amount of money Murray had to spend on his campaign).  Murray and Ron Paul have had a close working relationship the last few years with their involvement in GOP and Libertarian politics, and have been bouncing back and forth between the two parties as if they were in a political rubber room.

The real issue though is how many closet Paultards we have in this state.  We haven’t heard yet from Steve Lonegan, who Ron Paul endorsed for Governor last year (along with Joe The Plumber and Phyllis Schlafly).  Also GOP State Senator Mike Doherty supported Ron Paul for President in 2008 and was attacked for it by Marcia Karrow in their primary fight last year.  I’m sure there are others in the GOP closet who secretly support Rand Paul.  So who else will come out besides Murray Sabrin?

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