Override the Veto

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The following is the text of a letter I sent to my (Republican) State Senator and Assemblypersons.  Feel free to re-use any or all of this.

I am writing to urge you to override the Governor’s veto of the Millionaire’s Tax.

His veto is based on two false premises:

1) Raising taxes on the wealthy will cause them to move out of New Jersey

2) His pledge during the campaign not to raise taxes.

Since this tax was already in existence under the previous administration, one can assume that those wealthy people who felt that their tax rate overrode the benefits of living in New Jersey have already moved out of state.

The pledge made during his campaign has already been broken by his passing down more expenses to the non-wealthy.  For example, the increase in NJ Transit fares is no different to a wage earner than a new tax.

Sometimes, elected officials are called upon to do what’s right instead of what’s politically expedient.  Making the solution to New Jersey’s fiscal woes falls into that category, and retaining the previous tax rates for the wealthiest citizens is essential for the Governor’s “shared sacrifice” to have any meaning.

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  1. firstamend07

    An organized effortto override the veto is certainly better than standing on a Trenton street on a Saturday afternoon just singing and hollaring.

    I applaud this effort. I hope the public sector Union leadership sends out a mailer to each of their members to do the same thing!  

  2. Bill Orr

    Getting the millionaire’s tax restored is an important social and political imperative.  All of us with Republican legislators should be communicating with his or her office. We have just a few days to change the mind of a few Republicans.  We should all sense what Martin Luther King called “The fierce urgency of now.” 

  3. tabbycat31

     not that they will listen to me.  It’s very clear that my GOP legislators do not give a crap about their constituents.


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