News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy weekend. Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon & Frankie Valli were inducted into the NJ Hall of Fame by Buzz Aldrin, Joe Pesci & Bruce Springsteen. Corzine hit the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. But Howard Dean made a surprise speech in front of the White House itself, against DADT. But oh, no, no, no. Chris Christie is not allowed to look like Oliver Platt. For that would be wrong. This is an Open Thread.

Christie reordering of state priorities & spending

  • Looks just as bad in list form.

    More housing options for developmentally disabled

  • In communities.

    It’s never really over in Bergen County

  • Hackensack says ‘No thanks’ to a Zisa-pal machine Dem chosen to fill in for Police Chief Ken Zisa who was relieved of his duties after he and an old girlfriend were charged with insurance fraud. Bergen Freeholder Capt. Tomas Padilla plans to step down from his elected position in June to run the police department.
  • Charlie Stile on the don’t-breathe-or-it-falls-apart unity and power-sharing agreement for Democratic leadership in Bergen.

    “Obama, escucha, es pueblo esta en la lucha”

  • 300 rallied on Morristown’s Green on May Day, calling for immigration reform, workers rights, and “Obama, listen, the people are in a struggle.”

    Transit jobs, infrastructure & safer trucks

  • Herb Jackson: Capital Games.

    Times Sqare almost-bomb

  • No South Park link.
  • Chris Christie’s on it. Normal commute, bridge ‘n tunnels.

  • Rep. John Adler thanks first responders, and in a release reminds the press he’s for raising the budget for police, firefighters

    Homeland Security etc. All from his perch 78 miles away.

    Filed this at 3:23am, and all the Monday news isn’t posted yet. So if you think  missed anything, that’s what Comments are for. Especially if you’re all Open Thready

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    1. Jay Lassiter… p.s. Adler link is broken.

    2. IndependentNJ
    3. Winston Smith

      Gov. Chris Christie to nominate Anne M. Patterson to state Supreme Court

    4. IndependentNJ

      Probably one of the most progressive governor’s in NJ’s history turns 75 (and he was a Republican from a wealthy family).


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