It’s Wed.,Do you know where the Union Leaders are?

In 16 days there will probably be a vote in the State Senate to override Christies veto of the millionaires tax.

Will someone please wake up those exhausted public sector union leaders who worked so hard to have the ” BIG RALLY” and tell them that the time is now to do something CONSTRUCTIVE to get some money back into the budget.

State Senate republicans should be targeted ,BEGINNING TODAY! If these union leaders can put together a BIG RALLY with music,and dancing and singing, maybe they can organize their members to go after the votes to override the veto.


Of course it is understandable that the leaderships might still be too tired from the BIG RALLY.

I hope not! This can be won . This can be turned around. A REAL message can be sent.

Can the public sector unions pull it off?  


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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    that they’re not working behind the scenes to make this happen?  And why would the rally inhibit doing this?  Union leaders can walk and chew gum at the same time.

  2. ken bank

    The time to bring heat on is during crunch time when Christie shuts down the government until they pass his budget.  By that time voters will be paying attention, seniors won’t be getting their rebate checks, and that’s when GOP members in competitive districts will start to feel the heat.  And when they feel the heat it will be easier to peel them off from their reactionary colleagues in the GOP.

  3. Hetty Rosenstein

    We are working on two fronts:

    1. A united plan of the public sector unions on the budget and on the tool kit with joint lobby days.

    2. Continued work with the 129 groups that sponsored to rally.

    We are pursuing the override, but that is an activity and a tactic since it is not likely to be successful and it will not address the overall budget problem and it does not address the cap and the toolkit.

    For that – we need a strategy – not a tactic.

    Most importantly, from my point of view, the fight to protect public services and public education cannot addressed singly by the public worker unions.  It must be a coalition of unions and community organizations to protect public services.

    The rally was a great statement of that and now it is a test to see if we can continue to maintain it.

    There are no simple answers here.  We have a true recession and bad economy that has produced a terrible budget picture.  We have a governor who is an ideologue who is intent upon “starving the beast.”  We have a conservative democratic party with leadership that does not have a progressive vision and wants to maneuver rather than fight.  And we have a genuine property tax crisis.

    Finally – this will be a 4 year fight – not a 4 month fight.


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