If you think Christie is bad, check out Murray Sabrin

Positive evidence the rightwing lunatic fringe is unhinged and unglued.  Former Libertarian candidate for Governor, two-time GOP candidate for US Senate, Murray Sabrin is posting an essay on various websites advocating disfranchisement of public employees from municipal and school elections.  He doesn’t stop there though.  He also wants to disfranchise those who depend on government assistance for most of their income.

The irony is that not only is Murray a state employee as a public university teacher, he has also benefited from taxpayer funding his whole life from public schools to public colleges to public universities and fiinally a public teaching job.  And on top of that the half-million dollars in taxpayer funds he took for his 1997 campaign for governor.

It’s good to have someone like Murray around to constantly remind us of where GOP politicians like Chris Christie would like to lead us but are afraid to say so publicly.

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