Doblin takes on student walkouts as the fight between Christie and the NJEA continues

Al Doblin had an interesting take on the walkout by students last week to protest proposed cuts to school budgets across the state in his column yesterday. It’s worth a read, but I found his closing rather profound:

They didn’t mobilize over health care reform. They didn’t mobilize against the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. They didn’t mobilize about a xenophobic law in Arizona. They mobilized against a 1.5 percent salary contribution toward health care.

Such is the progression of democracy in America.

But while the students are back in the classroom, the Star Ledger notes that the war of words continues between the Governor and the head of the union:

Smacking the latest volley between the two, in what been a nearly daily affair for months, Christie said union president Barbara Keshishian was “no slave to the truth” herself. Keshishian, in an op-ed in The Star-Ledger on Sunday, called the governor a liar for his characterizations of recent issues, including student walk-outs, pay freezes and even homework.

And it’s not just in print, the NJEA is out with their latest “tv and radio blitz” including this ad:

To throw another log on the fire, the impact of Christie’s decision not to reappoint Justice Wallace to the Supreme Court cannot be underestimated when we are talking about this fight. The pension plan that was passed is being appealed to the court. More legislation will come that will likely be challenged. And that says nothing about the coming proposals for school funding  changes which will certainly be challenged in the courts.

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