Blue Jersey Radio LIVE Tonight at 8:00 with Deborah Howlett of NJ Policy Perspectiive

Jeff Gardner makes his triumphant return to Blue Jersey Radio this week. Thanks to JRB, who admirably kept his seat warm as my co-host for the last two weeks, but something tells me now that Jeff has returned, he will have alot to say.

Not only is Jeff back, but we have a special guest in Deb Howlett, the newly named Executive Director for New Jersey Policy Perspective. Rosi gave us a little more information about her in the post announcing her new role:

Deborah was Director of Communications for Gov. Corzine, and was a player in his administration’s efforts to pass Marriage Equality. She comes from the world of writing, and reporting, as an award-winning political reporter for the Star Ledger, and before that several roles at USA Today. And was nominated for a Pulitizer Prize in 1996.

We’re looking forward to the conversation with Deb. It’s all LIVE tonight at 8:00 p.m. Have questions or comments of your own, drop ’em in the comments, then tune in and join the conversation! And, of course – you can always give us a call and have your say. That number again is: 646-652-2773.

Talk to you then!

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    NJPP’s an extraordinary resource NJ has. They put the numbers, the research, the facts and, yeah, the perspective to the issues we all talk about every day.

    For example, want to read something good? Here’s Less News is Bad News:

    The Media Crisis and New Jersey’s News Deficit
    , a report prepared for NJPP by Scott Weingart, who writes here, too.  

  2. Bill Orr

    Does NJPP have additional funds and/or plans to expand its important work?

  3. JRB


  4. JRB

    And it shouldn’t be called ‘The Millionaire’s Tax,’ it should be called ‘The .5% Tax.’

  5. deciminyan

    Regarding the discussion on the Supreme Court – could Rabner nominate Wallace (a former justice) to fill the empty position for the next 22 months?


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