Better know your nominee, Part II

Following up on the post yesterday by Justice League, we wanted to provide you with some more color to the picture that is Supreme Court Nominee Anne Patterson, so that you can Better know your nominee. There is the official bio sent out by the Christie administration, but there were some omissions we wanted to make sure are added. For example:

In 2001, she represented Rich Bagger, George Gilmore, and Glenn Paulsen in a lawsuit filed by Bret Schundler (who was on the other side) over a bill passed by the Legislature that was intended to give extra time for the gubernatorial primary, to allow Bob Franks to substitute in for Gov. DiFrancesco.

Talk about a power lineup. Two party bosses and a chief of staff. There’s nothing particularly unusual about this lawsuit, but it does give you a sense that she is a trusted lawyer for some of the more inside players of the Republican party. And then there’s this:

In 1999, she successfully represented Abbott Labs before the NJ Supreme Court – Abbott was defending against a challenge that it sold defective HIV tests in the mid-1980s, leading to a plaintiff getting HIV via a blood transfusion.

And lets not miss this:

In 2001, she was part of the defense team in a lawsuit brought by the City of Camden against several gun manufacturers to get them to pay for parts of the costs of handgun violence in the city. This was the first of several cases including one two years later by Newark to argue for liability for handgun violence on the part of gun manufacturers.

So far, it appears that she has been involved in many of the major consumer and health issues of the past 15 years – tobacco, lead paint, handguns – on the side of companies trying to shut down avenues for recovery through the courts. As more information becomes available, we’ll have additional installments of Better know your nominee.

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  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    her husband is a labor lawyer.  Representing management.

  2. Winston Smith

    one of the biggest toxic pollutes in the world!

  3. jdm28

    … if its possible for Patterson to go directly to the US Supreme Court.


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