We’re just drug mules for the truth.

School project Christie calls students "drug mules" about
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Just days after a insanely dopey bad-joke email surfaced which NJEA apologized for, the Governor himself went public with an even more offensive, about NJ school kids.

Christie’s remark calling students “drug mules” unwittingly used by their teachers to smoke out their parents’ voting intentions, is more offensive than the Bergen idiocy, because it comes from the Governor of New Jersey. Whose job includes public communication. Whose words convey the state’s attitudes, and whose words matter. And, because he’s talking about children. Third-grade kids.

So, this is where Christie wants us to see him. Right out in public, out loud and proud, calling children drug runners and their teachers dealers. Wow.

In his rush to blurt his latest bit of hostility to the public school system, Christie also got his facts garbled. Here’s the actual homework sent home with Monroe Twp. 3rd-graders. It doesn’t ask kids to find out if their parents are voting Yes or No. Or whether they like their kids’ teachers too much to want their wages frozen. Or if they think the Governor’s a big meanie. There’s no basis for Christie’s implication that the homework is some nefarious attempt to use New Jersey’s little muffins to spy on their parents for the teachers’ union.

NJEA’s demanding an apology to both students and teachers. Union president Barbara Keshishian: “You’d think that a former federal prosecutor would get his facts straight before accusing someone of wrongdoing.”

This is arrogant even for Christie. Whether he lets his remark stand or not, he’s offered an unfortunate lesson for NJ students about how ugly the civic engagement Monroe was trying to instill in kids can sometimes be. Way to go, Governor.

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  1. mimsong

    Can anyone point us to the laws and regs regarding recalling a governor?  I’m already sick of his crap.

  2. Hopeful

    that is the bottom line. They are the party of voter suppression.

  3. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I’d say that we also should be – as always, but especially now – standing behind every effort Democratic members of the Legislature make to represent all the people of NJ, rather than the slice Christie has chosen. Right now, I have my eye on Sheila Oliver, who isn’t letting much get by her.  

  4. rjsnj

    Not only is Christie’s policies all wrong but he is the most arrogant person that ever was Governor.  He’s a total disgrace to this state.  Recall him!


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