Two More Heinous Votes by The Man Without a Heart

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Scott Garrett would be against a cure for cancer if it came up for a vote in Congress. The only people who aren’t aware of Garrett’s obsessive tendency to vote against legislation are the ones who just can’t bring themselves to follow the shitstorm that is American politics, and Chris Matthews.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, in the last week Congressman Garrett voted against two bills that for all intents and purposes would have benefited people in his district as well as the rest of the country.

The first worthwhile bill Garrett voted against, entitled Hudson River Valley Special Resource Study Act, would have allowed for a government study to determine whether the Hudson River Valley, which abuts the 5th District, should be designated as a National Park. If a property is classified as a National Park it can potentially receive millions of dollars in public funding. Additionally home prices tend to rise within the National Park, increasing the quality of life for people in and around the area.

The Hudson River Valley Special Resources Act passed by a vote of 293-115. The entire Tri-State area delegation (45 Congressman from NY, NJ, and CT) voted for the Act, except for Scott Garrett, despite the fact that it would have potentially led to a windfall for an area literally next door to the district he represents. Garrett complained about the economic downfall being caused by Democrats while voting against a bill that could practically boost the economy in his own district overnight.

The second extremely helpful bill Rep. Garrett voted against was entitled Energy Jobs for Veterans Act. The bill would establish a five-year pilot program to award grants to states to start a grant program for energy industry employers and labor management organizations that provide training, apprenticeships, and certification classes to veterans employed by an energy employer. The bill would help war Veterans retain their jobs in the difficult economy while also solidifying an industry that America relies on for a significant part of its resources. Who doesn’t want to help those who have put their lives on the line for the country while restoring arguably its most important industry?

Scott Garrett, that’s who. The Energy Jobs for Veterans Act passed by a vote of 397-19. Scott Garrett was one of the 19 who voted against it. He was the only Northeastern Congressman to vote against the bill.

Still think Scott Garrett represents his consitutents’ best interests?!

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  1. brilliantatbreakfast

    John, could you PLEASE distill this down to 250 words and send it to the Record (  If you need help, please contact me at brilliantatbreakfast-at-gmail-dot-com and I’ll help you do it.

    Most 5th district voters don’t read Blue Jersey.  It’s an “old” district with older voters.  Put this out where people will see it, because most people really don’t know what Garrett really is.

  2. laur

    What paper serves the western part of NJ-5? Because they need to see this as well, even though I don’t know if they’d take it seriously, because they’re pretty conservative out there.


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