TGIF News Roundup & Open Thread for Friday, April 30, 2010

There’s a vast ooze of oil, five times larger than originally feared, coming ashore and creeping into the marshlands of Louisiana and Mississippi. The coming wildlife destruction is unimaginable. So maybe it’s time to stop making fun of New Jersey. k,tnx.  

Ken Zisa charged with insurance fraud

  • Charges involve an attempted cover-up of a girlfriend’s drunk driving accident. Zisa was the candidate Joe Ferriero put up against Loretta Weinberg when a state Senate seat opened in 2005, splitting Democrats into factions behind the corrupt Ferriero, and the Real Bergen Democrats, led by now-Senator Loretta Weinberg.
  • All Hail the Tenafly 5.

    Lautenberg co-sponsors bill combating Citizens United Supreme Court decision

  • Lautenberg: The Citizens United decisionopened the floodgates for special interest money, and now Wall Street and other corporate big spenders are drowning out the voices of everyday Americans.”

    Menendez a key player in Democratic immigration reform

  • Proposal would legalize 10.8 million illegal immigrants living in USA but before it did that it would strengthen border security with measures including additional staffing, and “high-tech ground sensors”.
  • Tough sell?

    Did you know Grover Cleveland has a facebook page?

  • Yeah, I didn’t either. But he does. (plus other interesting info tidbits)

    Education cuts

  • More student walkouts in Orange & Paterson, but with arrests in Paterson.
  • NJ college presidents are also criticizing education cuts – $173M in cuts to NJ colleges & tuition increase cap – let’s see if Christie makes fun of them like he does public school kids.
  • I’m shocked … shocked! that the school “choice” people see opportunity in Christie’s disrespect of public education. But only 40 of them managed to show up at the statehouse for their rally.

    More governing transparency legislation from Weinberg

  • Star Ledger urges the Legislature to pass Loretta Weinberg’s bill requiring towns to report on lobbyists working for them, the purpose and the payment.

    Is this the savior of “newspapers”?

  • The new publisher/CEO of the just-sold Inky, & Philadelphia Daily News will steer the company towards digital content delivered on devices like cell phones and iPad.

    Waiting for legal …

  • Multiple Sclerosis patient John Wilson, out on bail from an arrest for growing his own marijuana he says he needs to feel better, says he’ll wait for NJ’s program for it now. He won’t be taking traditional MS drugs – because at $3,000/month, he cannot afford them.

    This is an Open Thread …

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    1. Winston Smith

      Thank Senator Buono and the Bergen Record reporting for this – DEP Commissioner Martin now says he will propose a drinking water standard soon:

      Perchlorate limits to be set for water

    2. Bill Orr

      I totally agree with Sen. Weinberg. There are times when a municipality spending lobbying dollars makes sense, particularly at the federal level.  Newark, for example, uses lobbying to help receive $14 million in Ryan White HIV funds.  However, the lobbying firm, purpose of the lobbying, and funds expended should absolutely be required to be publicly reported. Such a law might also reduce some of the needless lobbying expenses and place more responsibility on mayors and council members, who know best what their needs are, to undertake the effort themselves.  

      Their should be a bright spotlight on municipal lobbying.  

    3. Cautious Man

      I was all set to “friend” or “fan”, or whatever the heck it would be, when I noticed that “Grover” had one (1) favorite page:  “Campaign for Liberty”.

      I clicked on that, and found myself deep in teabagger-land.

      So, sorry “Grover”, we will remain mere acquaintances, not “friends”.


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