OLS: Even if teachers took wage freeze, there would still be $849 million shortfall

The Office of Legislative Services in their April 2010 report says that Governor Christie’s claim that teacher pay freezes would make teacher layoffs and property tax increases are not true and there will still be a shortfall:

Noting that Christie has cut state aid to school districts by $1.09 billion, the report says that if every teacher took a pay freeze and contributed 1.5% of salary to health premiums, school districts “would still have to address a budget shortfall of at least $849.3 million” – or 77.9 percent of the proposed aid reduction.

You can view the full report here and that stat is on page 25. I thought the teachers and NJEA were the cause of all our problems and only by them making concessions could we find a solution? That’s what my Governor and his Republican colleagues would have me believe. Is this more of Christie’s bad math? The Governor has proposed a reduction in state aid by over 1 billion dollars and the amount that we are short is 77% of that total. But the Governor would like you to believe that’s the teachers fault too.

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  1. Hopeful

    Wage freezes for everyone was half or less of the cut in state aid. I was glad the voters recognized the big efforts to save/cut that were made and approved the budget.  

  2. rjsnj

    Let’s face it.  This man lied his way into office.  His lies are rapidly catching up with him.

  3. deciminyan

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