NY Times Covers our Call for Immigration Detention Reform!

FYI – a report on this, with pictures and in Spanish is here. Great outreach work. – Promoted by Rosi

Thrilled that the report we’ve been working on for 6 months, Locked Up But Not Forgotten is finally out and linked on the NY Times website following Nina Bernstein’s coverage of some of our stories yesterday.  (I wouldn’t have minded if my first name weren’t printed as ‘Karin’.  As manglings of my name go, I prefer Katrina.)

We had supporting statements that weren’t covered — Star Ledger was a no show– from Senator Menendez:

The more sunlight is shone on the conditions behind the walls of our detention centers, the more we can ensure that all of our fellow human beings are treated humanely. I commend these groups for taking the initiative to investigate and compile this important report.

Congressman Payne:

At the end of the day, everyone is a human being who deserves to be treated with fairness and dignity.  When that does not happen, it is imperative that we, as a society, decry the deplorable treatment and sound the clarion call to put a stop to it.  I appreciate these hard-working groups that are giving a voice to the voiceless and calling on all stakeholders to take action against the inhumane treatment of those in detention centers.

and Congressman Holt:

The lack of transparency and access to detainees makes it difficult for them to receive due process.  I thank these New Jersey immigration advocates for their valuable report and recommendations.

After our press conference yesterday in front of Newark ICE, we went up to deliver the report to Newark ICE’s leadership, apparently the Field Office Director Scott Weber is on assignment in DC. To the best we could understand, someone named Corzine (!) was going to come out and accept it. I had to leave, but the rest of the group ended up being escorted out by uniformed officers for ‘demonstrating‘ because a few people had the printed ‘No one is illegal’ signs.  They had to just leave the report at the front desk. Amy Gottlieb of AFSC, discussed that briefly (right after the oil spill coverage) on wbai Thursday Apr 29 6pm evening news, but the reporters really s/have been there for that, or at least a photographer!

I’m learning way more than I ever wanted to this week about how free speech rights can be curtailed in federal buildings and county jails.

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