In March, Chris Christie single-handedly kills 3,100 jobs

In March, New Jersey shed another 3,100 jobs. While public sector jobs accounted for most of those lost, job rolls in the private sector also fell by 800. This represents the utter failure of Chris Christie’s policies, which were supposed to promote job growth in this state.

If the title of this piece and its first paragraph sound ridiculous, it’s because they are. But only as ridiculous as Chris Christie tramping around Millville Airport for a photo-op and a press conference to announce that Boeing is bringing 100 new jobs to Cumberland County, as he did last Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I expect the governor to promote New Jersey as a great place to do business. But isn’t this the same guy who, during the campaign, harped about how bad New Jersey is a place to do business, and how the state’s policies were the reason for our unemployment rate being a few tenths higher than the national average?

While Christie may have conveniently forgotten about his campaign rhetoric last week, Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney sure hasn’t:

“New Jersey is not a bad place to do business,” said Sweeney, D-Salem, Gloucester, Cumberland. “It was a bad place. It’s going to get better. It’s going to continue to get better.”

Expect the silly talk on the economy to escalate when New Jersey’s job numbers improve. I bet you’ll hear Christie trying to take all the credit for the improving economy, while folks like Jon Runyan (and heck, maybe even John Adler) blame the Obama administration for 9% unemployment.

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  1. Hetty Rosenstein

    It is distressing that in discussion of jobs lost that there is a distinction made between private sector and public sector jobs.

    Leaving aside the Tea Party attacks on the “size” of government – as far as the economy is concerned a job is a job.

    In addition to destroying the safety net, and attacking the intellectual foundation of our state (libraries, public schools, colleges), the Christie budget will cripple any economic recovery in New Jersey.

    The attacks on public sector jobs are attacks on the middle class of New Jersey.  

  2. Winston Smith

    check this out – $300 million cut from clean energy fund (renewables, energy efficiency) will kill thousands of good NJ jobs:

  3. Bill Orr

    A key measure of an improving economy is the net addition of more jobs. (Our unemployment rate is currently above the national average.) Christie’s goal of shrinking government makes the task all the more difficult.  If the tax surcharge on income over $400,000 is re-instituted that will save and increase some state and local jobs.  

    Cutting jobs does not require a lot of skill. Creating jobs requires intelligence, planning, and implementation. Someone should remind his honor “It’s the economy stupid.” The degree to which he is able to create more good jobs will determine his political future as governor and our future as citizens who need a productive, fair, and growing economy.

    So far he gets an F.  

  4. speedkillsu

    he deserves …..Unemployment is a lagging indicator CC has been in office for 90 days ,while Corzine brought our unemployment rate from 4.9  pct to over 10pct you kept insisting it’s BUSH’s fault now after 3 mos the sky is falling on CC …..have you no shame  


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