Trenton Amtrak Station.

This will be a very brief diary, but I just wanted to remark, with some sadness as it is now under assault by the Republican “nothing but tax breaks for rich people” Governor, but one of the most beautiful things in New Jersey is its mass transit.

Recently I took the Acela from Baltimore from Trenton and I have to report how wonderful it was compared to driving (or, ugh, flyiing).

Trenton has the core of a beautiful little city – although it’s now being whacked in the head by that ass Christie – and I really wish that we could restore it to the vibrant place it once was.    

The new Trenton Amtrak station – I was there twice this week, once to pick up my son from his first high school trip away from home, the FIRST robotics competion in Richmond, VA, and once on my own business trip – is lovely, fast convenient, clean and safe.

It’s sad that we’re going to lose so much here in this state in the next four years.   I can’t believe this pig is governor.

My son’s FIRST robotics team – thinking this may be their last year (my son’s first) because of the budget cuts and the assault on education – at least had a wonderful trip on Amtrak to remember the good times by.

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  1. Jay Lassiter

    trenton has much unrealized potential… esp when you consider the #1 tenet of real eastate:  LOCATION! LOCATION! (waterfront) LOCATION!!!


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