Sunscreen, deck chairs, and political illiteracy – the Kill the Bill Rally in D.C.

I was in D.C. yesterday at the Code Red Rally to Kill the Bill on Capitol Hill. You’ve already heard the most egregious news:

Kill the Bill Rally sign (Tea Party) March 2010 in D.C.

Congressmen John Lewis called a nigger.

Congressman Barney Frank called a faggot.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver spat on.

An afternoon in the sun with my overwrought, but politically/historically illiterate, countrymen is an eye-opener. Reasonable arguments can be made against this bill – from both sides – but I heard none of them yesterday. What I heard convinced me more that the Tea Party, out in force in our nation’s capital, is likely to do more harm to the GOP than it may do to us. From a civic perspective, I have to like that the Tea Party brings out masses previously disengaged, but as yet they haven’t moved beyond fist-waving. They generate noise, but so does a tantruming 3-year-old, with as much historical perspective.

We encountered mostly non-voters (I asked) who wanted to “take over” Congress with no recognition of the irony that they already have the power to do that, but fail to exercise it. The rhetoric was 100% spewage from Glenn Beck in a universe where talk show hosts are deemed 100% credible.

These people simply didn’t know stuff. Old guys on Medicare “horrified” at government health care. A lady: this “takes away my Medicare.” Her friend: “no, it means we have to take Medicare whether we want to or not.” Reconciliation demonized, but eyes glaze with the news that all major changes in health care in 3 decades came via reconciliation … and Republicans use it too.

Tea Party tries to liberate

Rayburn Office Bldg. (click to enlarge)

Tea Party tries to liberate Rayburn House Office Building After a couple hours rallyers were supposed to lobby. But it was a nice day, and lobbying’s not fun like a lawn party. So, as conservative star power like Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota), Mike Pence (R-Indiana), Tom Price (R-Georgia) and Marcia Blackburn (R-TN), and a coiffed, shiny Jon Voight moved among adoring white people, rallyers re-applied sunscreen and looked for trouble.  A mob tried to liberate the Rayburn House Office Building, bewildered as to why Capitol Police denied them overtake of the building.

It’s mind-numbing how many of these people are uninsured themselves and can’t do the math that they’re working against their own interests. Joey Novick got great video of the confused. This is your opposition:

Zero health coverage, doesn’t want the govt to euthanize him

Lady Liberty wants her freedoms (but has no zero health coverage)

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  1. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Yeah, I hated to type out the word nigger and the word faggot. I went back on forth on it. But ultimately I chose not to use the socially acceptable euphemisms, because what was said, was said in the light of day right out in front of the Jesus most of these people invoked all day long, and it is they who don’t deserve to have what they said euphemized and made safe for polite Sunday reading.  

  2. denniscmcgrath

    THANK YOU! This post is the reason I continute to read BlueJersey!

  3. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    I see our fellow blogger Maryscott O’Connor, from My Left Wing posted here at Blue Jersey, turning the heat up on reform-perfectionists on our side of the aisle.

    Read Maryscott here.

  4. Winston Smith

    Stop Obama’s Wars

  5. tabbycat31

    and being able to maintain your sanity— I definitely could not when surrounded by teabaggers (like at Pallone’s town hell meeting this summer).  Reports like this that expose them for the racists they are need to go viral.

    I was in DC earlier this week for a school trip and we only saw a handful of them.  I personally did not get into it with any of them but someone in my group did.  He’s about to lose his healthcare on his birthday (ages off his dad’s plan).  They were in Washington all week.  

    I’m hoping that after this bill passes the movement will go away but I am not optimistic on it.  

  6. Alex

    You have my deepest respect (well, you already did), Rosi, for wading into that crowd of ill-informed, bigoted, angry, and hard-hearted people. Judging from the venom coming from their mouths and the threats of violence on some of their signs, I’d fear finding myself surrounded by them.

  7. IndependentNJ

    …is a watered down conservative piece of legislation.

    Could you imagine a world 10 years after HR 676 goes into effect.

    “My kid would have died from cancer had HR 676 not passed, but its still a socialistcommunistnaziobamarapistindonesiaracist law, and I wish I could go back to the old days of insurance denials for pre-existing conditions”

  8. NNadir

    …with his high school robotics team.

    First he went to Richmond, VA, where the competition was held.

    He saw the “Joker” poster down there, after getting off the train.   It was on a “gentleman’s club.”

    He said the kids were all making fun of the teabaggers.

    I told him to stay away from those people.   They’re nuts, pure and simple.

  9. Jeff Gardner


  10. lfurman

    Do you have images of Glenn Beck, Palin, or McCain as “The Joker?”

  11. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Wherever I am, somebody thinks I should have been somewhere else.


  12. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Yeah, tabbycat, I understand.

    I was at 2 Pallone health care town halls. Piscataway was bad. But Red Bank was a frickin’ mob close to riot, and Pallone stood up there for 3 consecutive sessions of it in a large auditorium at capacity. There were times I thought I might be punched because I had a camera going the whole time. But I think I was more worried there because the crazy was confined in the four walls.

    Outside in the sunshine, the same people looked sillier to me. Sadder and more vulnerable, too. They’re laying their lives on the line to advocate against their own best interests. I cannot get over the number of people, clad in the colors of the flag, and completely unprotected if they should suddenly fall ill.

  13. tabbycat31

    and many of them do not realize that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck’s best interests are not their own.  Both of them are multimillionaires– most of them are not (but think they’ll become filthy rich).  

  14. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    Yeah, the regurgitation thing is alarming. As a partisan, it makes me contemptuous. But that’s the easy gut-level response. Under that, it horrifies me that adults – you know, who can drive and everything – are this available to the intellectual control wielded by more cunning strategists.

  15. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    The trick is not minding.  

  16. tabbycat31

    that’s the bill I agree with too– it’s the perfect.  This bill is a step in the right direction.   We need to pass this, then work on Alan Grayson’s public option bill (HR 4789)

    Rush Holt told me this week that he thinks we will have single payer within 10 years.  He said Americans were stubborn and only after they realize their own mistakes will they adapt like the rest of the world.  

  17. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    is the art of the possible.

    As much as that may make us want to hurl sofas through plate glass.  

  18. Rosi Efthim (Post author)

    You know, one item of unmistakable weirdness yesterday was the sudden arrival by bus of a wild-eyed bunch of Boy Sprouts on class trip. They looked pretty rattled (arriving during the shouts of Obama! Show your face! inexplicably being yelled at the Rayburn House Office Building, which is not the end of the national Mall where the President could be found).

  19. Jeff Gardner

    The guest, author of a book drawing parallels between the civil rights movement and the battle for healthcare, was stymied when Scarborough feigned outrage at how anyone could compare the two. It was obvious in the context of the discussion that the author wanted to say what you said, but felt he could not say it on television.

    Sometimes unvarnished truth speaks best for itself.


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