State Budget problems and Christie’s proposals become issues in Bergen County Executive Race

The Bergen County Executive race is being overtaken by the plans of Governor Christie. First, the other day County Executive Dennis McNerney went after Kathleen Donovan over the “millionaire’s tax” invoking the NJ Transit fare hikes:

“Kathleen Donovan has been a politician for three decades, so she should know the ramifications mass transit fare hikes and massive education funding cuts will have for Bergen County taxpayers and their children,” McNerney said. “Ms. Donovan should join me in asking the Governor to reconsider his tax cut for the rich before they decide to make Bergen County’s middle class balance the state’s checkbook.”

Instead of asking the Governor to reconsider, she said placing undo burdens on some people hurts everyone. She wasn’t willing to stand up to her Governor, but the latest Christie proposal to get rid of the Blue Laws that keep businesses closed on Sundays in order to get the tax revenues has invaded the County Executive talk:

“Clearly, this is an issue that should and will be left to the voters,” said Donovan, who has said she would vote against the repeal.  Donovan has also noted that the courts have upheld a local Paramus ordinance prohibiting work of any kind on Sundays.

That response didn’t end the issue as McNerney pressed further calling on Donovan to join him in demanding the removal of the proposal from the Governors budget altogether. The Blue Laws don’t necessarily break down along party lines and while they don’t make sense to many outside of Bergen County, there has always been a fight to get rid of them in the past. How much will Donovan stand up to her Governor in order to fight his plan? No doubt the Democrats will take every opportunity to raise the issue and make her stand up further than saying there should be a referendum. The Bergen County Republicans viewed this seat as an opportunity opportunity for a pickup, but Democrats have speculated the tide is turning as the Governor adds some extra hurdles in the race.

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