Slide#14, or Why Health Care Reform Helps Now

In the leaked DCCC (Chris Van Hollen) memo I posted earlier today there’s a mention of Slide #14. Time’s Swampland Blog has posted the PowerPoint in question (link to .ppt file), a 14-slide presentation of “Talking Points on Health Reform. Here’s Slide #14 on immediate benefits of reform:

DCC list of immediate Health Care Reform benefits

I’ve taken enough shots here at how the new health insurance exchanges don’t start until years from now that I felt I should post on these benefits. Frank Pallone gave us a similar list last year. The main points are the temporary high-risk pool until the exchanges go into effect, thereby helping those who can’t get insurance now, and a number of insurance reforms that protect people who already have insurance. Also, relief on the “Donut Hole” for seniors in the Medicare drug plans. In summary, there are significant benefits that John Adler should vote for even though major portions of the reform are not implemented immediately.

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