Scott Garrett to poor children: I just don’t care about you

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As pointed out by our friends at Down With Tyranny, a vote was held yesterday in the House with respect to the National School Lunch Program – a program that is even more necessary now given the state of the economy:

H.Res.362. It expresses the House’s support for the goals and ideals of the National School Lunch Program and “recognizes that our pupils deserve access to high-quality, safe, and nutritious meals in school.” It passed 403-13, every Democrat and 155 Republicans, including the entire GOP congressional leadership voting in favor.

And guess who was one of the 13?

Let’s look at some numbers.  There are approximately 200,000 children living in Bergen, Sussex and Warren Counties.  Of that, there are 12,400 children in Bergen who are on reduced or free lunch programs due to need, over 2,300 more in Sussex County and another 1,900 in Warren County.  That is one out of every twelve children in these three counties who can’t afford a decent meal and rely on the National School Lunch Program.

And this is too offensive for Scott Garrett to support.

Garrett is very good at explaining away his unconscionable votes with a caveat such as “I agree in principle but…” or “I would have supported this, but….”.  Quite frankly, actions speak louder than words.  Time after time and vote after morally reprehensible vote, Garrett shows where his loyalties lie.  This is about struggling families.  And just as his vote against clean drinking water shows, Garrett can’t keep explaining away votes that show a pattern of disdain for the health and welfare of those in his district that he is supposed to represent.

What makes this worse is the fact that the BCDO is choosing to give Garrett a pass without even so much as a challenger to a man whose actions and record are nothing short of abominable.

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  1. parnell44

    This isn’t a vote for funding, merely a resolution expressing support.  Garrett obviously is out of touch and needs to be removed.

  2. The Wizard

    misunderstood the beast to which Grover Norquist referred.  

  3. carolh

    strikes again.  And the BCDO couldn’t care less.  We in the 5th district have had NO representation in Congress for almost a decade now.  What Garrett does really has consequences for our whole country.  He is a total disgrace.

  4. laur

    You mean to say that there is really NOBODY in the 5th Dist. who the BCDO would field against this guy? He’s batshit crazy!


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