Quote of the Day: “There’s no way he’s going to get a budget without it”

Last week we wrote about how the fight over whether or not to extend the millionaires tax to spare some of the pain in the Governor’s budget was a time to stand up, not down. This is exactly what we were hoping for:

Sweeney, speaking to The Inquirer’s editorial board, said he would insist on reauthorizing a tax hike on incomes of $400,000 and up, even if it meant a government shutdown.

“There’s no way he’s going to get a budget without it,” Sweeney said in his most emphatic public comments to date about the tax. He said Christie’s $29.3 billion spending plan cuts programs for the needy and raises taxes for those with low incomes, but leaves the wealthy paying less.

Good for Senator Sweeney. It makes clear we are fighting for. If the Governor wants to make clear that his priority is tax cuts for people who don’t need them, while people who can least afford it face extreme pain, the Democrats should make him do it, on the record and in public. It’s a high stakes game of chicken that is heading in the direction of a budget standoff and possible shutting down of the state. But this is a stand worth taking.

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  1. toaonua

    Me thinks Gov. Christie is in for the fight of his life on this budget, and his “War on the Poor.” By the way, check out his rather antagonistic Tweets today with teachers at http://twitter.com/GovChristie

  2. srlaser

    is costing the state jobs. We need to make Christie own that he cares more about millionaires than the average Joe.

  3. Bill Orr

    The momentum for returning to the higher tax bracket for income over $400,000 is growing.  That is Step 1.

    Equally important is Step 2: A plan on the part of the legislature, negotiable with the governor, as to how to spend the $1 billion in added revenue. So far the Governor has adopted the attitude of screwing the middle class and the poor. It is important for legislators to set better priorities, and they have plenty of worthy causes from which to select..

  4. Bertin Lefkovic

    Extend the tax on incomes above 400K for one year.  Rescind the cuts to municipalities and schools.  Put two referendums on the 2010 ballot.

    The first referendum would give voters the opportunity to approve or reject the creation of new income tax brackets at 250K, 500K, 750K, 1MM, 5MM, and 10MM with the legislature and Governor deciding the rates for these brackets.

    The second referendum would give voters in every municipality and school district the opportunity to approve or reject the transfer of administration and spending authority from local government to county government and the negotiation of purchasing contracts and public employee salaries from local government to state government.

    Municipalities and school districts whose voters reject this initiative would be on their own.  They would be free to spend as much or as little on their towns and schools as they choose, but they would not receive a penny of assistance from the county or state and would be forced to fund everything with local property taxes (or a hybrid of local income, property, and sales taxes).

    Municipalities and school districts whose voters approve this initiative would no longer pay property taxes as the county-level spending and state-level negotiating would be funded exclusively with state income taxes.

    Obviously, these two referendums are somewhat intertwined as the income tax rates that would be applied to the brackets would be somewhat dependent on the number of municipalities and school districts that chose to opt-in or opt-out of this new system.

    If most towns and schools choose to opt out and finally pay through the nose for their beloved home rule, then income tax rates can probably be cut.  If most choose to opt-in, income tax rates will probably have to be increased.

  5. firstamend07

    Sweeney has put Christie in a corner that he can not get out of without looking bad.

    Christie will either have to break a campaign promise or shut down the State to save his rich friends from continuing to pay their taxes. Shutting down the State is going to go over real good!

    Sweeney “pulled an Ali” on Christie . He roped the dope! Sweeney gave him the things he was going to get any way ,like pension reform, while letting Christie rant and rave like a fool.

    Now he has him right where he wants him.

    For all of you Sweeney haters it is time to give the man his due. Or , like Christie,will your egos get in the way of saying you were wrong?  



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