NRCC shoots (themselves in the foot) first, asks questions later

Fille this one under oops:

The National Republican Congressional Committee, in one of those generic press releases both parties use to insert the name of the incumbent they want to bash, is trying to link U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) to Charles Rangel, the veteran New York congressman who was admonished by the House Ethics Committee last week.

But as Wally points out, Adler called for Rangel to resign hours after the ethics committee ruled:

“Members of Congress must be held to the highest standard and face the appropriate consequences for their actions,” Adler said. “Congress should be focused on creating jobs and turning our economy around, and a prolonged discussion about Mr. Rangel’s chairmanship is a distraction. Mr. Rangel should step down as chairman, so Congress can get back to work.”

I always love the generic press releases that are supposed to work, but end up blowing up in your face. That’s why you shouldn’t shoot first and ask question later. Rangel has agreed to temporarily step down as the Chairman of the Ways and Means committee.

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