News Roundup & Open Thread for Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wait, you mean contracts are actually binding?

  • Chris Christie admits that his election-season claims that he could unilaterally overturn a contract his predecessor made with state workers were a bunch of malarkey.
  • Chris Christie’s War on the Middle Class (and the environment)

  • Christie’s fare hikes and clean energy cuts are the subject of scathing criticism in two NewJerseyNewsroom opinion pieces.
  • DRPA

  • Governor Christie also vetoed a DRPA contract with a firm connected with George Norcross’s brother.
  • School budgets

  • School officials are getting annoyed at the governor, who says he won’t tell them how much he is going to cut state aid until less than a week before they must produce their budget. Back in January, the legislature gave Christie permission to give his budget address later than the normal date.
  • NAACP accuses Senators

  • The NAACP has filed ethics complaints against Christopher Bateman and Ray Lesniak.
  • Freeholders

  • A bill in the Assembly proposes changing “Freeholders” into “Commissioners”.
  • NJ-12

  • A pollster for a republican candidate seeking his party’s nomination to run against Rush Holt in November says Rush Holt is beatable, but even his primary opponent is mocking the poll.
  • Special election

  • Republicans picked up a Boro Council seat in Park Ridge in a special election yesterday.
  • Joe DiVincenzo

  • Essex County Exec. Joe DiVincenzo issued an executive order banning certain county employees from engaging in political activity.
  • Local Police

  • Atlantic City may have to lay off 10 to 20 cops to balance the budget.
  • Meanwhile, police in Galloway Township agree to pay cuts to save 12 officers from getting the sack.
  • Kenneth Pringle

    Mayor Potato Chip won’t run for re-election in Belmar after dissing Staten Islanders and “guidos”.

    Hal Turner

  • The trial of shock jock and hate-peddler Hal Turner for threatening federal judges seems headed for a hung jury.
  • Guns

  • A Maplewood youth baseball league isn’t keen on letting a gun dealer become a shirt sponsor for one of its teams.
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    1. Bill Orr

      As DiVincenzo pointed out, county staff are involved in counting ballots, handling absentee ballots, and other sensitive elections tasks.  The individual mentioned in my diary More Elections Fraud was an Essex County elections employee who was just found guilty of absentee ballot fraud and using county computers to add fictitious voters to the rolls. Others in Essex County are under investigation for similar activities.

      This Executive Order is a useful step, but not a cure-all. I wish DiVincenzo had also spoken out in favor adding a paper trail to our voting machines, which would catch some of this fraud. Senator Nia Gill and Assemblyman Reed Gusciora have introduced a bill to mandate such a trail.  


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