News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lautenberg gets a warm welcome on the Hill

  • 15 pounds lighter and some stories to tell.
  • Lautenberg approvals are way up.

    Wisniewski calls out the teaparty

  • Smack.

    Audit the NJ Sports Authority

  • Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono today called for a state audit of the NJ Sports & Exposition Authority, saying the state agency’s books were in such disarray they couldn’t be trusted, and only an independent examination by the State Auditor would restore her faith in the authority’s reports. The Authority says its budgets are no different than past years’ but today told Buono’s committee it needs a $30 M state bailout.

    Hal Turner takes the witness stand

  • Hate blogger/shock jock Turner of North Bergen took the witness stand in his federal trial Wednesday and accused the FBI of urging him to make violent statements as a way of infiltrating extremist right-wing groups. In testimony Tuesday, all three Chicago appellate court judges he threatened took the stand and said they felt threatened by Turner’s blog posting that they “deserved to be killed.”

    Oh, hell, I already can’t fly into D.C.

  • You ruined National Airport for me. Now I can’t even use a fitty?

    Kick ’em out

  • Chris Christie wants the Assembly to show it’s “serious” about pension/benefit reform by passing changes before his budget speech March 16, and chided Speaker Sheila Oliver for saying they probably wouldn’t pass by then. Coming next: kick out current part-timers from the system and those now collecting pensions for more than one job.

    A stand against the germophobes

  • 21 New Brunswick businesses & organizations have made a pact not to sell or use antibacterial products carrying the pesticid triclosan, signing on to an effort led by Food and Water Watch, which says the chemical is linked to antibiotic resistance, can affect reproductive hormones in both sexes and is turning up in wastewater, rivers, and marine life.

    Christie’s claim of $70 million in fraud, waste & abuse

  • Democrats asked for an accounting of how that figure was arrived at.

    Greenwald not happy with spending reductions list

  • Assembly Budget Chair Lou Greenwald asked the Christie administration to provide a list of spending reductions it rejected or didn’t consider in trying to closer the $2.3 billion budget gap. It’s a very good question, particularly if you’re looking to come up with alternatives to Christie’s cuts. But he says the answers he got back are “basically worthless.”

    Union workers protest tax breaks for proposed AC casino

  • A proposed $300 million tax break for the partially-built Revel casino would lead to lost jobs in the city’s service sector, UNITE HERE! Local 54 protesters charged outside Morgan Stanley’s office on Wednesday.

    Some of the teaparty people are not who you think

  • There are two demographics emerging. One is obvious if you’ve ever watched one of their rallies. The other, not so obvious.

    52% approve of the job Christie is doing

  • Republicans approve 10-to-1. Democrats approve at 38%, with disapproval at 33%. Independents are at 43%-17% Voters in the public pension system were less kind – 35% approve of the new governor but 46% do not.

    Wedding bells in Washington

  • Gay couples are lining up for those marriage licenses in our nations capitol. Said one woman soon to be hitched: “It’s like waking up Christmas morning … a dream come true.”  
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    1. FormerBureaucrat

      only if on the reverse side, they showed that glorious moment when Reagan laid the wreath on the graves of Nazi SS soldiers at Bitburg on May 05, 1985.  An appropriate caption would be “Springtime for Reagan!”  


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