In their own words: A GOP review of Governor Christie’s budget

Just before the budget address yesterday, the Democrats put out a release with statements made by Republicans in the past few years when Governor Corzine proposed cuts in some of the same areas:

“The lack of state aid will translate into school property tax increases across most of New Jersey.” – Sen. Tom Kean

Tom Kean, press release, October 9, 2009

“This budget will increase the property tax burden on the middle class at a time when they have borne bad decisions of the past several years. We’ve seen the flat funding or the cuts in municipal aid over the past several years increase the property tax burden…This is an extension of that.” – Sen. Tom Kean

Tom Kean, press release, March 11, 2009

Cutting municipal aid, Check. But still the Governor swears he’s not raising taxes. Next please:

“The governor claimed that he recognized that property taxes in New Jersey were high and needed reform.  No one interpreted that as eliminating or curtailing the only program that provides some relief to taxpayers.  The ultimate effect of doing what the governor is suggesting is actually a tax increase.”-Alex DeCroce

Alex DeCroce, press release, 2/26/09

Cutting rebates, check. Still not gonna raise taxes though, right? Still more on the rebates:

“[This] budget proposal would remove property tax relief for middle-class New Jerseyans who are already struggling to survive in this tough economy. Now is the time when the people of New Jersey are most in need tax relief, but [the Governor] is offering little more than higher taxes.” – Sen. Andrew Ciesla

Sen. Andrew Ciesla, press release, March 10, 2009

What a difference a change in Governors makes. Now they’re all praising Christie’s bold action and attacking the opposition by Democrats. This time the Republicans will have to stand up and vote for these changes rather than taking pot shots in press releases, which is clear from their difference in tone and response.

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