Hot damn, yes.

Statement, just received, from NJ Democratic State Committee Chair John Wisniewski, on the effort by teaparty people to recall Senator Bob Menendez. Wisniewski:

The attempt to recall Senator Menendez is an affront to the voters of New Jersey and has no standing in law.  One day these folks are trying to disprove human evolution, the next day they are challenging the constitutionality of the Constitution.  These are radical people who chose Menendez off of a list of Democrats because of the sound of his last name.

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  1. Hopeful
  2. johnleesandiego

    just calling them exactly as they are!  

  3. The Wizard

    They just don’t wear their hoods and robes in public.

    There’s no nice way to say bigot.  

  4. ken bank

    Check out the bigoted comments on  

    Note the constant references to “illegals” in general and the personal references to Menendez as “Ricky Ricardo” in particular.

  5. laur

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