Here comes the offshore drilling

The New York Times previews a Wednesday announcement on offshore drilling from the Obama Administration:

The proposal – a compromise that will please oil companies and domestic drilling advocates but anger some residents of affected states and many environmental organizations – would end a longstanding moratorium on oil exploration along the East Coast from the northern tip of Delaware to the central coast of Florida, covering 167 million acres of ocean.

Offshore New Jersey — for now — is still in the protected area but drilling may be quite close south of us.  One can presume this action means the oil industry will get New Jersey as soon as they want it.

Obama Administration officials seem to think this will help get support from Republicans for a climate bill. The bill seems to consist almost entirely of Republican initiatives with a removal of the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon, so perhaps they are right. The Times also notes “the sheer breadth of the offshore drilling  decision will take some of his supporters aback” which is certainly true. I wonder why our Democrats would vote for this bill, I guess they’ll explain sometime.

We can now presume that Obama is moving forward with plans to privatize Social Security and enact the rest of the Republican agenda. I’m kidding, but only a little.

In any case, the Virigina offshore drilling should come soon and the rest is many years away, if it ever happens.    

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  1. Bill Orr

    I am surprised the Obama Administration is announcing this now.  From a bargaining standpoint wouldn’t it make more sense for these concessions to be negotiable items to win support for comprehensive energy and climate legislation?  Why surrender to Big Oil and Republicans before bargaining begins, as they will only want more concessions later?

    I am not opposed to limited expansion of oil drilling or nuclear energy if they become a part of a broader comprehensive plan. However, as of now the Senate seems uninterested in following up the House with legislation of its own.

    Before we give away the shop, show me the plan.

  2. tabbycat31

    This was one of the more important issues to me in the 2008 election and one of the main reasons I did not vote for John McCain and Sarah “drill baby drill” Palin.  

    I used to think that if it was up to the states that NJ would opt out.  But now with Chris Christie in the state house, I don’t feel that way anymore.  

    I live in a shore town, and tourism is our economy.  The negatives for drilling would kill our economy.

  3. Winston Smith

    Jackson got lots of media praise for her testimony on 1/25/07 to Senate Cmte on Energy and Natural Resources:

    I would like to reaffirm the State of New Jersey’s opposition to oil and gas lease sales for areas off the coast of New Jersey, as well as the opening of the mid-Atlantic to offshore oil and gas development. Such an action would leave New Jersey  vulnerable to damage caused by drilling related incidents in nearby waters.

    Guess she has no juice in Obama administration and has gone the way of her predecessor, the “wind dummy” Whitman.

    But where is Lautenberg, Menendez and Gov. Christie??

  4. mmcgrath

    Obama’s Good Stuff

    Health Care

    Beer Summit (it was fun)

    More Talking in the Middle East

    Visibility into Economic Recovery Act Spending

    Obama’s Letdowns

    Still in Iraq and Afganistan

    Gitmo still open

    No Bush/Cheney investigations

    Lack of discipline in Economic Recovery Act Spending

    Off Shore Drilling

  5. tabbycat31

    “I’m very uncomfortable with the idea of drilling off the coast of New Jersey. New Jersey’s coast is one of its economic engines, and I would have to really be convinced of both the economic viability of having to do it and the environmental safety. And at this point, I’m not convinced of either.”

    My comment– I think hell just froze over because I actually agree with Chris Christie on something.

  6. tabbycat31

    (per Facebook/Twitter update)

    Offshore drilling on the Atlantic Coast invites an environmental catastrophe that would have severe economic consequences for New Jersey.

  7. tabbycat31

    “Opening new areas of the Outer Continental Shelf to oil and gas exploration is dangerous for New Jersey’s economy and a step backwards for our nation’s energy and environmental policies. As I told Secretary Salazar when he hosted a public meeting here one year ago, deepening our dependence on fossil fuels does not contribute to our energy security…”

  8. tabbycat31

    “It’s fundamentally wrong as an energy policy when we can drive toward renewable energy sources. I think the administration is wrong on this and they are going to have an adversary. I think it’s an effort to bring Republicans on board with broader climate change legislation, and I think it’s a dangerous plan.”


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