Health Care Reform: Adler on Fox News Sunday sounds like a no vote

John Adler has posted his appearance on Fox News Sunday to discuss health care reform. He appeared today with another “no” vote on the House bill, Jason Altmire (D-PA), who despite representing a district McCain won by 11 points, sounded considerably more positive about the possibility of voting “yes” this time instead of voting to “do nothing.” Both Democrats say they’ve not made a final decision.

The highlights that in my opinion lead to a pretty clear conclusion:

Adler is again on Fox News.

Adler is still saying he needs to “read the bill first” which in this case, since the Senate bill has been available for months, means see the final deal for a reconciliation fix. But can any reconciliation deal truly be final before the House votes on the Senate bill?

Adler keeps talking about the needs of “my businesses” and cost containment, and not at all about the health needs of his residents. Indeed, if you visited from Mars, you would never imagine from the interview that he is elected by citizens rather than selected by business owners.  

He wants to change the fee-for-service system, and isn’t satisfied with the pilot projects in the bill. He wants to “mandate” that the “good pilot projects” (with good patient outcomes that save money) automatically go national. That’s fine, but does it fit in reconciliation, and does a more radical program lose votes with more cautious members? As Wallace says, this was talked about for a year but didn’t get traction. Also, usually reconciliation measures expire after ten years, so how could you wait to see how the pilot projects do and then mandate something for a year or two?

Adler is supposedly “pro-choice” but sits by silently as the “pro-lifers” openly hold the bill hostage. He’s enabling them. If he cared in the slightest, he would at least say something, much less cancel out Stupak’s switched vote personally.

Adler says he’s had good recent conversations with the President and the Speaker, but she is “looking elsewhere” for yes votes.

Do you agree that adds up to a no? It infuriates me but that’s what I see.  

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  1. firstamend07

    What do I need this guy in Congress for if he is not going to vote Yes on an issue as basic as Health care reform?

    If the Democrats can’t pull this off then screw ’em all.

    Do I owe Adler something? Has he done something in the past that warrants a “pass” on this. The answer  is a clear NO.

    Obama deserves better than he is getting from these wimps.  

  2. The Wizard

    in a Confederate district. Bad calculation John.

    Given the choice between a fake Republican and a real one, the vote goes with the real one every time.

    Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

    Want proof? Check out Alan Grayson’s poll numbers in a Confederate district. He leads all Republicans combined.  

  3. Jay Lassiter

    If Alder is a NO on healthcare he’ll see his erstwhile margins in Willingboro and Cherry Hill go down the tubes.

    If he doesn’t rack up big wins in those towns he loses.  Period.

  4. SeamusNJ

    OFA has 7 million volunteer hours to help yes voters on health care, many, I’m sure, in New Jersey who would like to help hold thiis seat  Two years ago Congressman Adler looked like a progressive hero, now he looks a lot like a wholly owned subsidiary.  


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