Governor Christie’s Budget Address Open Thread

Governor Christie will deliver his budget address this afternoon at 1pm. The Governor’s website will stream the address through NJN TV and radio and you can give your feedback:

During the event, you are invited to participate in a live discussion where you can voice your comments, opinions and respond to poll questions throughout the speech.

The live discussion is open to all Facebook and Twitter account holders. Upon arrival to the website, participants will be prompted to sign in through their Facebook or Twitter accounts in order to gain access to the discussion.

Reports talk about painful cuts (except for the millionaires tax) coming from the Governor. This is an open thread. Let us know what you think of the Governor’s proposed budget and plans. Click here for the stream.

Comments (5)

  1. 12mileseastofTrenton

    Lies about taxes, union bashing, and demonization of public workers, especially teachers.

  2. princetonblue

    Christie bemoans that

    “We are first in the number of college students who, once educated, leave our state.”

    but his large cut in state aid to NJ state colleges and universities (by decreasing accessibility and the number of students who can be taught — tuition itself doesn’t pay all the bills) will only increase the problem.

    It’s a tough budget problem, but can we at least ask for some honesty when we talk about NJ’s problems and the proposed “solutions.”

  3. speedkillsu

    is that the same football team that plays at a brand new stadium that corzine said wouldn’t cost the taxpayers a penny …but his horse ass ex govenor couldn’t raise more than 100K …….so who paid for the rest ?  


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