Glenn Beck: New Jersey is a rathole

Media Matters noticed that tonight Fox News idiot Glenn Beck launched into a conspiracy theory about Federal land and peaked with his observation that the federal government doesn’t own land in New Jersey because it’s “a rathole.” He does pretty poorly in understanding how Alaska, Nevada and Texas each became part of the United States of America.

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  1. JRB

    That might sound like hyperbole, but boy is it true.

  2. Thurman Hart

    what his point is.  Has there been a pent-up demand for land in Nevada that I’m totally unaware of?

    I’ve always thought Mr. Douchewater was an idiot.  As my brother likes to remind me, “Figures don’t lie, but idiots do – with numbers.”

    The Navajo reservation in NM, Ut, and Az covers something like sixteen million acres.  White Sands Missile Range accounts for another 3200 square miles.  This doesn’t account at all for any of the national forests or grasslands.

    Anyhow, his math skills suck.  The 1.9% of Texas that the federal government owns works out to be some 5,107 square miles.  Connecticut, for comparison, is a total of 5,543 square miles.  Rhode Island is only 1,545.  NJ is 8,729 square miles (of which some 270 square miles is owned by the feds).

    Sooooo…I wouldn’t say that Texas are particularly hostile to the federal government owning property there.

  3. tabbycat31


  4. The Wizard

    should have their driving privileges revoked.

    He really is nothing more than a fascist propagandist and poor excuse for a Voodoo doll.

  5. FormerBureaucrat

    it is surprising that we do not have more toxic waste dumps here than we do.  He really doesn’t care if the entire rest of the country becomes a super-fund site, as long as it doesn’t happen near his gated community.  


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